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   BBC  Children in Need Countryfile 2012 Calendar, Winter Weasel (January)



    BBC  Children in Need Countryfile 2013 Calendar Longlisting Judge.

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 BBC  Children in Need Countryfile  2 014 Calendar Longlisting Judge.

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BBC Countryfile Photo Competition, Long List Judges 2014BBC Countryfile Photo Competition, Long List Judges 2014BBC Countryfile Photo Competition, Long List Judges 2014 - from the left: Geoff Hill, Cheryl Surry, Jerome Murray, Mark Blake, Jennifer Duncan, Andy Colbourne, Jean Burwood and Rosy Burke. BBC  Children in need  Countryfile  2015 Calendar  Longlisting Judge



BBC  Children in need  Countryfile 2016 Calendar Longlisting Judge


     BBC Children in need 2017 Countryfile Calendar Longlisting Judge


BBC Children in need 2018 Countryfile Calendar Longlisting Judge


                   Simon King's website Wildlife Whisperer 2011 Spring Competition Winner. Courting Gannets.



Shortlisted  by  British Wildlife Photography Awards  (BWPA) 2014


                                   Shortlisted  by  British Wildlife Photography Awards  (BWPA) 2016


Shortlisted  by  British Wildlife Photography Awards  (BWPA) 2017


Shortlisted  by  British Wildlife Photography Awards  (BWPA) 2017


     "Wow! Never seen that. That's a juvenile bird who obviously not honed his fishing skills! Great shot."  Charlie Hamilton James, of Halcyon River diaries.


<Digimax S700 / Kenox S700 / Digimax Cyber 730>

Bill Oddie


Chris Packham


Simon King


Martin Hughes-Games  (Springwatch)


Mike Dilger (The One Show)
Nick Baker (Unsprung)
David Lindo (Urban Birder sporting fake moustache)
Charlie Hamilton James ( BBC & National Geographic Cameraman)
lolo Williams (Springwatch)
Adam from Countryfile
Matt Baker
Michaela Strachan
John Craven
Tom Heap of Countryfile
Anita Rani  of Countryfile
Gordon Buchanan