I was born and have lived in Nottingham UK all of my life. My occupation is a sales rep
for a yarn company (King Cole).
Joining them in 2008 I found for the first time in years that I had weekends to myself,
so having a passion for photography and wildlife, it was the perfect time for me to start
wildlife photography.
My first digital camera was a Pentax KM but it wasn't long before I caught the Canon bug.
After going through a good few canon camera's & lenses (wife wishing she'd not married a salesman)

I've ended up with a Canon 1D mkiv and a 500mm F4 plus all the accessories ever made.
I feel I'm lucky in the fact that my wife has become hooked on birding so we can share this
hobby, travelling many miles at the weekends and going on holidays plus weekends away.

One of my achievements I'm proud of, is winning the wildlife category on the 2012
Countryfile Calendar for Children in Need with my Winter Weasel image. leading to being a
longlisting judge on the BBC Countryfile for the 2013 & 2014 Calendar. Mark Blake.